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The Evil Chicken is from the MMORPG Runescape, and is the property of JaGeX, LLC. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

The Evil Chicken, obviously, looks like a chicken, or rather, a rooster that lays eggs once in a great while. The Evil Chicken is about twice the size of common chickens (and incase you play the game but never got to met The Evil One in your travels, about the same size a dreadfowl) 2'6" or just under a meter if you want actual numbers. There is nothing obviously evil about her, at worst he'll appear to be a misanthrope. In Milliways, anyway.

Canon is a bit... no, a lot confused about Evil Chicken's gender, and in a 'not a bug, won't fix' sort of way. Sometimes Evil Chicken is a rooster, sometimes Evil Chicken is a hen. Acceptable pronouns are he, she, and very rarely rarely it. Appropriate for the false god of distraction, maybe.

Chickens can't talk in ways humans can comprehend, but The Evil Chicken can mind-speak. He claims to be able to read minds, but I doubt this claim. I'll use the following conventions to denote mind-speak volume. Any mind speak should be enclosed in quotes anyways so that people won't have to consult this page just to figure out if they can hear Evil Chicken.

  • "Italics are for be one-on-one conversations." No one except the intended receiver is supposed to hear this speech, but mind-readers may still eavesdrop.
  • "Normal broadcasting strength" equivalent to talking, indoors voice, etc.
  • "Yelling" font size indicates relative volume.
  • "This is a test of the Emergency Annoyance System" - mind speak could include other forms of HTML tomfoolery at anytime. Evil Chicken has had a bit of practice with 'communicating' things other than words, but not much.

Oh yes, death is just another distraction. Evil Chicken isn't immortal; she is just super mortal and a good source of evil protein for your evil stew and evil chili.

Contact the mun at the AIM or LJTalk/XMPP/Jabber handles below. Contact through comments on the journal may be slow, as will be private messages, but both are doable.

Mun is [personal profile] not_my_sandbox
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